Wednesday, August 8, 2012

TOOL # 9

  1. Technology not only serves as a method of teaching but also to motivate student's learning. It is essential for teachers and students to constantly use it effective.
  2. Students must be accountable for their stations/centers. Students need to be aware that everything they do in the classroom is an essential part of reaching their objectives.
  3. Mangahigh and Thinkfinity are two interactive sites that caught my attention. Both of these have accountability piece to it. It is very kid friendly but tied to our 2nd grade objectives. Mangahigh will become part of my math stations.
  4. There are so many great apps out there that I would use for sure.  I can read light - great for beginning of the year to introduce English Reading to our bilingual students, Everyday mathematics- to practice and review place value... As to how I plan to make students accountable for their time in these stations, they would have to record their activity in their workstation folder. If that's not possible, then they would have to write a reflection about what they did.
  5. Other ways to use the iPod Touch/iPad is for a preview for an upcoming lesson. For my strugglers students I could have them watch a brainpop jr. video beforehand, so they can be exposed to the content before I teach the lesson. This way these students could feel confortable participating, understanding and hopefully even teaching their partners.

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  1. I like the way you are looking for that accountability piece for the activities!