Sunday, August 19, 2012

Tool # 11

It is hard to choose only a few from such vast collection of tools available but I will list some of the tools I will definitely use in my classroom:
   1) Google Documents: because it allows for collaboration
   2) Wall Wisher: Because it help to keep track of student’s thinking
   3) Animator: because it enhances digital productions such as students records
   4) Wordle: Because it helps students practice vocabulary and typing skills

How have I transform my thinking about learning that will take place in my classroom? Well, we are in a technology driven world where information is available at finger tips. My classroom has been transformed in the following ways:
   1) I feel better prepare to work with 21st century learners
   2) I have resources to differentiate my instruction
   3) I know how to utilize the resources my district provides
   4) I am more confident in my practice
   5) I understand the value of technology in everyday life

My vision in my classroom changed by preparing students for the future by showing them how to problem solve and become independent learners.

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