Tuesday, July 3, 2012

TOOL # 5

This summer my students and I had a really inquiry group, learning but specially applying all these technology tools which are great. Some of the ones we used were: magazine cover, wordle, trading cards, animoto, mozaic maker, PicNic etc..
Two products I created were:

Wordle: This is so simple to create but can be very powerful, fun, 
and attractive for students.  In this case I made a wordle for Subtraction with key facts. 

Trading Card:  This is another great and simple tool to use with our students.  This could be used for the beginning of the year to introduce ourselves. Also for researching any concept.


    1. I love your wordle at the top of your blog! Great use of technology! I'm glad to hear that your class was successful with the other tools during summer school.

    2. I like the trading card with your family! I will take your idea to use it for researching any concept.